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About JR7 Soccer

Coach James Riley grew up like any other player in the sport, ambitious and young. However, he found as a young player that taking his game to the next level could be difficult because you might not have the plan or structure to get you to that level. He was committed to finding every competitive advantage that he could find, while also soccer training on his own every day. He watched multiple soccer games every week and visualized his success at the next level. As a player, James had a relentless drive to get better and compete every day, never took any shortcuts, and had a consistent dedication to soccer training. These all allowed him to excel and eventually get a full-ride scholarship to Wake Forest University. At Wake Forest, he started in 79 out of 82 games and was made captain during his senior year. In his senior year, he and his team also made it to the #1 NCAA Division 1 ranking. He was then a part of the 2005 Major League Soccer SuperDraft, where he was drafted 21st overall. During his time in the MLS, James went on to have an 11-year career which included 6 championship trophies. His career from a young, ambitious player to a professional soccer player has helped him to create JR7 Soccer’s unique High-Performance Formula. Check out more about this formula and what training programs we offer!