Our Training Programs and Options

At JR7 Soccer, we are dedicated to helping competitive soccer players make it to the next level. We offer in-person soccer training, online courses, small group soccer training, and 1-on-1 sessions with James. More specifically, our soccer training programs come in three different packages.

About the JR7 Soccer High-Performance Formula

Our High-Performance Formula includes eating, thinking, and training like a D1 soccer player. The eating portion includes what the perfect game day, training day, and everyday nutrition are The think portion includes the elite mindset, routines and habits of excellence, and time management and organization. Lastly, the training portion includes dynamic movement, warm-up, and signature circuits. These all help competitive soccer players to level up, build habits, develop skills, and develop their competitive advantage.

Additional Benefits of JR7 Soccer Programs

In addition to our soccer training program packages, we also have some other benefits that help and allow players to learn how to enhance their skill set, nutrition, and more. Our first benefit is the Holistic Training Program. This program promotes the “Total Person” experience that focuses on nutrition education, mindset development, and high-performance habits that will help competitive players on and off the field. The benefit is our Signature Circuit Training. This training is a structured training program that gives soccer players the tools to enhance their current skillset while guiding them through it. Our last course and benefit is The Power of Mentorship. Coach James Riley holds soccer players accountable, while also encouraging them to continue to make progress toward their goals as their mentor. Apply today, and start the journey toward success.